Minotaur/JAWSAT launch time

From: Justin Ray (justin@spaceflightnow.com)
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 20:45:53 PST

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    For Minotaur/JAWSAT on Friday night, there is a three-hour launch 
    window available (0254-0554 GMT) but a desired 20-minute period 
    (0254-0314 GMT) that is needed by one of the payloads. In addition, 
    that specific payload wants to hit the middle of the 20-minute period 
    at 0304 GMT (10:04 p.m. EST).
    So if weather cooperates and there are no problems, officials will 
    hold the countdown for 10 minutes to match the preferred launch time 
    of 0304 GMT (10:04 p.m. EST).
    But since the purpose of this launch is to test the Minotaur, liftoff 
    can occur outside that 20-minute period with degraded results from 
    that one satellite.
    Complete countdown and launch coverage is available at:
    Justin Ray
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