Re: GRO days near an end?

From: Steve Walter (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 11:58:31 PST

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    >Anyway, out of curiosity I got recent GRO elements.  If I'm
    >reading them right, inclination is decreasing, eccentricity is
    >INcreasing, and mean motion is increasing.  Increasing drag is
    >normal, but I wonder if the magnitude of the change is natural.
    >Do these add up to a natural evolution of GRO's orbit?
    >Anything unusual?
    	Any changes to CGRO's orbit are a natural
    	decay process ... there have been no
    	on-orbit thruster firings since 1997.
    	Let's see what kind of show is offerred
    	the 1st 2 weeks of March, though ...
    	Steve Walter
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