Re: What's in a Name?

From: Sue Worden (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 19:31:49 PST

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    I stayed out of this before, but...
    Everyone on this list knows that Walter likes "vulgar name".
    John Gardner is now proposing "applied name".
    There is a simpler solution, which has ample precedent from
    the biological sciences: "common name".
    But even simpler would just be "name".
    A satellite, like any other object, and like a person, can
    have many names; it can have several personalities (NORAD);
    but it can have only one identity (COSPAR).
    Please, just use "name" -- not "vulgar name", with its ugly
    connotations -- not "applied name" or "common name", which
    consumes more bandwidth while adding zero value -- just use
    the plain and simple term, "name".
    However, to echo Walter and many others, please also always
    include NORAD and COSPAR identifiers along with the name.
    --Sue Worden (
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