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Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 08:24:53 PST

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    Hello All,
    An off topic subject that may brighten your day.
    With my myriad of specific interest TLE files scattered across my hard
    drive needing to be backed up. I was ready to weep (not really) when I
    discovered the following Jan 1, 2000:
    MS-DOS 5.0 XCOPY.EXE fails with a /D:date parameter with a two digit year
    format when copying files modified on/after a user specified date to
    directory, zip drive, floppy, ect....
       From command line      xcopy e:\orbit\*.* n:\orbit /D:01-01-00
       Using a batch file     xcopy e:\decay\*.* n:\decay/D:%1
       where  %1  is the date ( 01-01-00 ) you type when starting the batch.
    The above _now_ results in an "invalid date" error message from DOS. :-(
                          ***   H O W E V E R   ***
    Using the four (4) digit year format the program functions normally. :-)
       From command line      xcopy e:\recat\*.* n:\recat /D:01-01-2000
       Using a batch file     xcopy e:\gsfc\*.* n:\gsfc/D:%1
       where  %1  is the date ( 01-01-2000 ) you type when starting the
    Unknown if this will work for MS-DOS versions 6.0, 6.22 or higher, but
    give it a try.  MICROSOFT provided this hint but no patch will be offered
    for XCOPY.EXE.
    Note: your motherboard and bios must be Y2K compliant.  My COMMAND.COM is
    also version 5.0 but later versions should work...I think.
    John Gardner,Jr
    Hoarder of TLEs
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