Re: Iridium Flare predictions limitation or bug?

From: Chris Peat (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 02:58:23 PST

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    Hi all,
    After reading a few posts to Seesat concerning the Iridium flare predictions
    at Heavens-Above, I would like to clarify the situation.
    There is a problem with our predictions having a time "hole" centered around
    the current time. A flare that is due to occur close to the current time
    shows up neither on the "Next 24 hours" page or the "Previous 48 hours".
    This is a problem at our end with the start and end times of the prediction
    search period, and does not mean the flares won't be seen. I will put this
    problem high on my list of priorities to solve, so expect it to be fixed
    sometime next week.
    Chris Peat, Heavens-Above GmbH
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