Re: Iridium Flare predictions limitation or bug?

From: Thomas A. Troszak (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 08:22:06 PST

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    > Yes... the Heavens-Above site. Great site too! I don't want anyone to think
    > I'm complaining... :-)
    > > Several months ago I gad a similar experience. I assumed it to be caused
    > by too much tequila on my part. 
    I too have noticed the "hole" in the flare predictions, as I have run
    predictions a couple of days in advance then "stopped by" the site to
    verify 15 min before "satellite time" and run outside...and everything
    was different...
    I once got two completely different sets of predictions from  the "Daily
    predictions for brighter satellites" link within minutes of each other
    for no explainable reason. I had called up the evenings predictions,
    clicked "print' and ran off, only to discover that the printer was not
    on... came back, reloaded the page, and there was a completely different
    list! oops... I reloaded the page a couple more times and couldn't
    reproduce the original weird list. Hmmm...
    I would consider these things to be very minor "burps" in an otherwise
    fantastic resource for the satellite watcher.
    Many thanks to Chris Peat and all those who may help to make it
    Tom Troszak,
    Asheville, NC, USA
    35.601 N, -82.554 W
    elevation 2,300 ft.
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