Re: First Orbital Object - NOT

From: J. Lee Blanton (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 17:03:33 PST

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    Sounds like a myth.  It would have been vaporized by the fireball.
    >I apologize for this off topic subject.
    >Recently I heard an interesting story that was a new one on me.  It has all
    >the undertones of a "modern myth" but I wonder if you have heard it?
    >According to the story, the first human launched orbital object was not
    >Sputnik but an iron slab capping a well housing an A-bomb on a Nevada test
    >site.  The story goes on to say it was photographed ascending at a multiple
    >of escape velocity at the time of a weapon's test back in the early 50's.
    >Is this an old "Art Bell" story or is their an element of truth?  Did it go
    >straight up and come straight down?  Is it a myth?
    >Again, I apologize for this off-topic note.
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