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Date: Sat Jan 16 1999 - 23:22:17 PST

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    ejsmss ( wrote:
    ] story about a woman being hit 
    ] by debris from a decaying satellite.  
    ] ... archives section for 01-23-97  
    That's a fun event to remember.  That re-entry, a Delta, 
    created quite a stir.  There were quite a few messages on 
    Seesat in January and February 1997.

    At that time Joe Dellinger even reported the same newspaper 

    Björn Gimle still has online a graphic of the track of the 
    final orbit:

    Due to a large tank from the re-entry landing close to a 
    house just outside Georgetown, Texas, Mike McCants was 
    interviewed on a local TV news program, and this was 
    reported to Seesat in February 1997:

    The TV station had a story and some photos online for quite 
    a while, but they've been removed since the last time that 
    page was indexed by Alta Vista.
    I can't remember now who said that the tank that fell north
    of Austin much later ended up sitting outside a building in
    southern California.  (Another, smaller spherical tank fell
    in a field east of San Antonio, Texas, near Seguin.)
    It's that type of thing that they want to avoid with the 
    plan to control the re-entry of Compton Gamma-Ray 
    Observatory.  If the Delta tank that landed near the house 
    north of here hand landed on the house, it probably would 
    have done very serious damage.
    Here's the URL of the Tulsa World's site map, in case anyone
    else browses with images "off" or text only:

    I observed ETS 6 one-power flashes a few hours ago; data 
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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