Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 08:51:39 PST

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    I have a 8-inch LX200 (f/10) and C-Sat software from Celestial Computing. 
    After carefully setting my coordinates, time and aligning the LX200, I 
    haven't been able to "catch" a satellite in the field of view. Is anyone 
    using similar equipment?
    What about video for satellite tracking? After reviewing Celestial 
    Computing's web site ( I was considering  buying an 
    AstroVid-1000 camera from Adirondack Video Astronomy company 
    ( But it may not be able to detect objects with 
    the magnitudes of satellites. Has anybody tried it yet?
    Is anyone getting satellite images using a CCD camera? Can the Autoguide mode 
    be used to lock-on to a satellite?
    I realize that satellites move very fast and vary in magnitude while they're 
    being observed but that makes the challenge more  interesting to me. Just 
    want to know if I'm expecting too much from the equipment available to me.
    Ted Pittman
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