Element Manager V1.3.9 released

From: Rick von Glahn (rickvg@iex.net)
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 16:26:32 PST

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    Another new version.
    Remember that thread "what's in a name"?
    For a while now I've been getting requests to add some sort of NORAD/ILD
    (USSPACCOM/COSPAR) cross check capability. It's now available in two forms.
    One, when freshening a master element file with an updated source file you can
    either include this cross check or disregard.
    Two, you can build an ILD database and use it to check element sets in the
    Another request was to allow the retention of line0 on updating a master
    element file. Control over how updates handle line0 is now available (setup
    Some speed improvements on updating, renaming, adding mag or radar data or
    checking the ILD match.
    That covers the "highlights".
    For the details goto:
    A number of bugs were introduced in v1.3.8 but they were all related to actions
    you might take when NO elements were loaded. I've retrapped these out so the
    program shouldn't crash if you inadvertently try to take some kind of action on
    an empty list of element sets.
    73 -- Rick
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