Re: JAWSAT launched!

From: Robin R. Wier (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 19:37:56 PST

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    Good post! I was so struck watching the first plume (Phoenix) that it
    never occurred to me to stay alert for additional.
    Jim Scotti wrote:
    > Hi All,
    >     I observed the JAWSAT launch from Kitt Peak tonight.  I wandered out
    > into the cold and wind on the rocks just next to our dome just after 3:00
    > UT, waiting, wondering what I'd see.  I was looking low in the NW, in the
    > usual direction of launches from Vandenberg and wasn't seeing anything,
    > when suddenly, an irregularly shaped bluish-white cloud appeared about 20
    > degrees high almost due west.  It expanded quickly and grew to cover
    > almost half the western sky, extending up about 60 degrees and down to
    > about 10 or 15 degrees elevation.  As it faded, I started to head back
    > around the south side of the dome (at about 3:11 UT more or less) and saw
    > a 2nd plume low in the SW sky with a brighter head on the left (south)
    > side of a shallow conical nearly horizontally directed plume.  It had a
    > little hook on the bright end, and the general shape reminded me of an old
    > Edison era phonograph.  It faded even faster than the first plume.  It was
    > quite spectacular.  Too bad I didn't have my camera set up!  Drats!
    > Jim.
    > Jim Scotti
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