OCS and Earth-skimming meteor?

From: Bjoern Gimle (b_gimle@algonet.se)
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 12:30:01 PST

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    Tonight at site 5918 I had a good JawSat evening pass 60 deg. E,
    good weather (second time for Jawsat) and brought my binoculars
    into town. Again, I didn't see the Minotaur. A steady object,
    probably OCS, passed 5h 59.5m +37d 16' at 18:05:59.1 UT,
    43 seconds later than Mike's elset. I didn't see any other
    object within +-3 min. I was using 7*50 all the time, so
    the chance of seeing a flash was minimal.
    I made a negative discovery at my dark site (5919). The clouds
    disappeared much too late for ETS-6 observation, but since I
    saw many more stars than in previous years, and almost many as I
    ever saw at 5919, I decided to test my visual limits. I picked
    only a few stars at about 60 deg. elevation, and the result was
    +5.0 at one-power, +8.6 at in 7*50, using averted vision after
    three minutes in the dark. I thought I would see fainter stars.
    Today, Swedish TV news showed a video taken this afternoon (?)
    of a bright meteor (or satellite) in daylight, shot by a non-
    professional SW(?) of Stckholm. Very few facts were given, and
    I couldn't quite tell if any zoom was used, but the view of tree
    branches, the slow motion of the object, the steadiness of the
    image and the short trail make me believe the angle was near
    normal. I think about 10 s were shown, and it may have moved
    around 20 degrees in that time! The tail was also shown
    enlarged and was only 5-10 pixels long. A professional astro-
    nomer made the comment that it probably was a high meteor
    leaving the Earth and moving in direction away from the photographer.
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