From: Paul J Henney (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 15:14:27 EST

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    Following on from Ed Cannons  message about EGP, I looked up the next
    available set of passes for my locality on the HA website.
    Luckly there was a set tonight and at 19:19 UT I used my 10x50's to try and
    acquire the target.
    Passing just below the square of Pegasus I found this very distinctive
    A series of bright ?mag 4-5 flashes separated by 2-3  seconds (a guess)
    followed by what I call "stuttering" flashes .. a 4-5 second series of
    continuous mag 5-6 flashes then with the first cycle repeating.
    A nice object and thanks for the heads up Ed!
    Hpy NY to U All
    Sheffield UK
    about 53ish N 1.4 ish W
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