Globalstar 56

From: James (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 15:33:05 EST

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    I was watching the sky around Perseus when I'm sure I noticed a .2 mag flare
    near Mirfak. After running Ted Molczan's IDSat program I found 3
    possibilities. I then inputted the TLE's into Starrynight and discovered
    that Globalstar 56 was the only realistic possibility. Globalstar 56 had a
    visual magnitude of 5.4 and though he seeing was good I did not spot it
    before the apparent flare. According to Starrynight, Globalstar 56 entered
    shadow at the point where I thought I saw the flare.
    Am I seeing things? Would Globalstar flare as just before entering the
    shadow? Technical specs for Globalstar can be found at
    Any thoughts?
    James Mindham
    52.6280 N  1.3030 E  +65
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