Unknown satellite near Mirfak

From: Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@saic.com)
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 18:22:54 EST

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    Hi James,
    > I was watching the sky around Perseus when I'm sure I noticed a .2 mag
    > flare near Mirfak. After running Ted Molczan's IDSat program I found 3
    > possibilities. I then inputted the TLE's into Starrynight and discovered
    > that Globalstar 56 was the only realistic possibility. Globalstar 56
    > had a visual magnitude of 5.4 and though he seeing was good I did not
    > spot it before the apparent flare. According to Starrynight,
    > Globalstar 56 entered shadow at the point where I thought I saw
    > the flare.
    You provided your coordinates, but you didn't give the date/time of
    the observation.  If it was on the evening of January 1, then Cosmos 1143
    was at magnitude +2.5 when it passed by Mirfak at around 17:11:10 UT.
    Resurs 1-3 R/B also passed near Mirfak at 16:58:25 UT.  Iridium 84 was
    very close to Mirfak at 17:02:45, but it would not have been bright,
    and should not have flared/glinted unless the satellite has recently
    If you can provide the date and approximate time of your observation,
    I can probably tell you what it was.  If the date was Jan 1st, it
    definitely wasn't Globalstar 56 (it wasn't particularly close to
    Mirfak at any time that evening).
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