From: Bill Mitchell (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 12:21:09 EST

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    The date of the pass was April 25, 2000 03:10 UT
    Sorry for the error.
    Could anyone help me id this please?
    April 25, 2000
    03:10 UT
    My location:
    42 4' 19" N
    80 8' 34" W
    733' ASL
    While waiting for an ISS pass (one of my first) I saw a rapidly flashing
    (2-3 per second) bright (-3ish) object travel almost the same path as the
    ISS about one minute prior to the ISS.
    These were the heavens-above details from that ISS pass for me April 24,2000
    Start 22:10:55 10deg NW
    Peak 22:13:14 22deg NNE
    End 22:13:17 22deg NNE
    Obvious to me now is this was ISS debris or shuttle debris, but could
    someone help me id this.  And if so please tell me how to do it.
    Sorry for lack of detail you're accustomed to, I was very new to the hobby
    and was in awe during this pass!
    Clear skies,
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