From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 13:58:03 EST

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    Bill Mitchel wrote:
    > The date of the pass was April 25, 2000 03:10 UT
    In fact, it was 02:10 UTC. Your standard time zone is GMT-5, but
    Daylight Saving time was in effect on the date of your observation, so
    Heavens-Above used GMT-4.
    I ran IDSat searches against a couple of different points along the
    predicted path of ISS, but found no likely matches. Certainly nothing
    from ISS. A few unrelated, tiny pieces of debris were in the vicinity,
    but it is highly improbable that they would have flashed as rapidly and
    brightly as you reported.
    Considering that you were a beginner at the time, and that the pass was
    fairly low, could you have seen the flashing lights of a distant
    Ted Molczan
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