RE: satellites cross the moon

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 14:31:00 EST

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    Hi Paul and List,
    > I finally was able to videotape two satellites separately
    > crossing the moon early this morning from Houston.
    Congratulations!  Your frame captures of the Cosmos 2297 R/B transit
    are terrific:  the rocket body is clearly visible in all three frames,
    and has very nice contrast against the earthshine-illuminated moon.
    Now for your next trick -- can you image a silhouette transit?  ;-)
    If you *really* want a challenge, you can try for an asteroid transit
    of the sun!  ;-)  Using SkyMap, I found that the next one will be by
    2001-AF2 on July 17th centered around 12:30 UT.  (I can send you a
    SkyMap .CFG file showing the transit if you're interested.)  Obviously
    this type of transit is entirely invisible -- even with a 10-meter
    instrument -- and is merely a geometrical curiosity.
    Speaking of asteroids, I successfully acquired 9 Metis in my 8 x 56
    binoculars a little after midnight last night thanks to its favorable
    location within a third-degree of Pollux.  At predicted magnitude
    +8.6 located not far from the zenith, it was just barely visible
    with averted vision.  I could also see the +8.8 magnitude Tycho
    star 0.25 degrees to its west.  Not much to look at, but it brings
    my observed asteroid total to 5.  I'll be trying for 3 Juno next.
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