Re: Two Iridium flares right next to each other

From: Stephen Fels (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 20:02:48 EST

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    Subject: Re: Two Iridium flares right next to each other
    > Kevin Mangis ( wrote:
    > > Last night (9 Jan 02) while watching Iridium 42 flare to > -2 as
    predicted by Heavens-above (19:02:29 local time or
    > > 00:02:29 UTC), I saw a much brighter flare right next to
    > > it in the sky which appeared to be from a nearby Iridium > satellite
    that was not predicted by Heavens-above.
    > This must have been a very pleasant surprise.
    It is a nice perk, two flares in formation.
    One of my very first Iridium observations was a tandem pair flaring. As I
    reported then, it was indeed a "pleasant[ly] surprise[d]"..
    March 28, 1998 01:12:07 GMT (20:12:07 Local EST) 28.38091N 81.35412W
      I attempted a long exposure photograph of Iridium 48 which was predicted
    GSOC to flare to Mag. -2.  I was pleasantly surprised to observe another
    satellite moving in tandem, separated by about 30 arcminutes.  This second
    satellite flared weakly (about Mag. +2) and should have been the highlight
    my photographs so far.  I ran the numbers through Skymap and confirmed that
    Iridium 23 was the second satellite.
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