Iridium 44 and Telstar 401

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 05:21:53 EST

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    After several nights of looking for it without magnification 
    and seeing nothing, last night Iridium 44 (97-077B, 25078) 
    did a really good pass!  Of the twelve maxima that I timed, 
    nine were deep into negative magnitudes, a couple possibly 
    -6.  The first was about zero, and the last two were fainter, 
    maybe +3.  PPAS:
    97- 77 B 02-01-14 01:21:02.6 EC  296.4 0.3  12 24.70  -5->inv awesome!
    As Iridium 44 was descending in the south, OAO 3 Rk (72-065B, 
    06155) crossed my one-power field of view with it, moving 
    left-to-right at about +2.5.
    A couple of nice tumbling rockets, a CZ-3A (97-021B, 24799)
    and Intelsat 503 Rk (81-119B, 13007), PPAS:
    97- 21 B 02-01-14 01:27:36   EC  110.2 0.5  26  4.24  +2.0->inv
    81-119 B 02-01-14 01:58:27   EC  270.9 0.5  18 15.05  +3.5->inv asymm 2ndary
    Those were observed from BCRC, 30.315N, 97.866W, 280m.
    After getting back to my apartment, without magnification I 
    was able to see nine flashes from Telstar 401 (93-077A, 
    22927), two or three of them seemingly comparable to Rigel 
    in magnitude.  A neighbor also saw two of them.  I watched 
    four more fainter ones with binoculars.  The part of the 
    episode that I saw was from about 3:23:05 to 3:51:07 Jan 14 
    UTC (last one about twelve minutes earlier than the previous 
    night).  There seems to be an alternating brighter-fainter 
    pattern after the brightest ones, so that I did not see the
    next-to-last flash.  PPAS:
    93- 77 A 02-01-14 03:51:07   EC 1562.2 0.3  13 120.17 +0.5?->inv
    It was observed from my apartment: 30.309N, 97.728W, 150m.
    Weather permitting, I plan to start looking for it at about
    3:00 UTC tonight (9:00 PM Monday January 14 USA time).
    Note regarding Gorizont 6 (82-103A, 13624) -- I may be 
    mistaken about it flashing.  After including it and seeing 
    Tony Beresford's reply to that message, I searched for PPAS
    or other reports and did not find any.  I believe that
    someone wrote to me once saying he thought he had seen it 
    flashing, and so I've been getting predictions for it.  But 
    I don't believe I've ever seen it.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
    (I really, really hate ashe juniper pollen!)
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