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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 21:30:27 EST

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    I realize that this is far fetched but does anybody know of a 3D animated
    version of a iridium satellite on the Net that allows the user to manipulate
    I think it would be especially neat if along with the flare info at
    Heavens-above, if a person could look up a mock-up of the satellite's
    orientation literally showing what part of the satellite (and the
    orientation of that part) that the flare is coming from---like which on of
    the three big silver panels.
    I figure that if the geometry and position of the iridium satellite is so
    precisely known in order to calculate flares with the accuracy that they
    are, then a 3D model showing the flare occurring could be a possibility! The
    depth of understanding and appreciation of the flare event would be enhanced
    immensely by such a program.
    Just an idea for someone with the expertise (and time) to do such a thing.
    Best regards,
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