Telstar 401 and ASC 1

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 05:49:05 EST

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    Last night I watched Telstar 401 (93-077A, 22927) from about 
    3:04:30 to about 3:30:31.  At least one flash was brighter 
    than Rigel.  But I only saw six without binoculars.  PPAS:
    93- 77 A 02-01-15 03:30:31.0 EC 1561.2 0.3  13 120.09 -0.5->inv
    Thanks to Robert Fenske for his report, which encouraged me
    to try for ASC 1 (85-076C, 15994) after a long time -- and 
    I found it!  (I think I found it; the flash timings seem 
    surprisingly different from some weeks ago.)  I watched it 
    from about 4:09:10 to 5:44:24. Several of the flashes were 
    +4 I think, but one seemed at least a magnitude brighter.  
    Due to phase shifts or something, the PPAS report only 
    covers a few of the periods:
    85- 76 C 02-01-15 04:56:50.9 EC 1522.5 0.4   5 304.5  +3.0->inv
    I looked for Iridium 44 again but did not see it at all.
    I was able to see Iridium 86 "?" flare pretty brightly only
    10 degrees above the western horizon, but it was about 30 
    seconds late.  Later Iridium 52 flared brightly as predicted 
    -- only six degrees above the western horizon.
    Our weather may turn unfavorable here for a few days.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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