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From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 18:58:02 EST

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    On Mon, 21 Jan 2002 14:11:34 +0000, you ("Kevin Fetter"
    <>) wrote:
    >Not that I am aware of. Besides if there was, you couldn't see it.
    Probably not so off-topic at all. Satellites in lunar orbit have actually
    been observed from Earth with (larger) telescopes, most notably one of the
    Lunar Orbiters (I have a photo of the obs somewhere, scan available on
    request). IIRC it had to be maneuvered to produce a bit of a flare off of
    its solar panels, I suppose it would have been way too faint otherwise, but
    hey, it worked.
    CU!	Markus
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