Re: Newcomer Needs Help

From: Brad (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 23:57:41 EST

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    In case you don't already know this, if you click on the time in the
    Heavens-Above listing, it displays a page with additional info,
    including a star chart with the sat path.  You can print the page, or
    save the star chart and print it by itself.  Let me know if you want
    more details about this.
    Los Alamitos, CA
    Sue Wheatley wrote:
    > Would anyone have the time to tell me how to get started in observing
    > satellites? I am not very sophisticated in managing a computer, but I have
    > observed using Heavens-Above and J-Track.
    > I would like to find a program for printing star charts with the satellite
    > paths on them, and I need someone to tell me how to insert elsats into the
    > program.
    > I want to progress beyond this, but it this a reasonable way to start?
    > ---sue
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