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Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 05:05:34 EST

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    > >
    > > Would anyone have the time to tell me how to get started in observing
    > > satellites?
    > The SeeSat home page will answer most of your questions.
    * <>
    > > I would like to find a program for printing star charts with the
    > > paths on them, and I need someone to tell me how to insert elsats into
    > > program.
    > The first great program for that is Sky Map by Rob Matson.
    * I agree - I use SkyMap for >95% of my predictions. It can select
    satellites from a huge elset file based on your visibility criteria, or run
    all, or your manual selection of names or catalog numbers.
    > There's a link on my web site.
    > SKY VIEWS:
    * When I looked, this contained the 6.4 version. Rob Matson wrote:
    Both Ed Cannon and Mike McCants have kindly offered to host this
    new version on their respective sites.  At Ed's site, the files can be
    found at:
    For Mike's site, use:
    > > I want to progress beyond this, but it this a reasonable way to start?
    > Fine. Also, Keep asking questions.
    * SkyMap has lots of possibilities, options and menus. But the choices can
    be saved in multiple configuration files. I can provide you with some
    cookbook sample .cfg files, that perform the tasks you want to start with,
    like predictions for all satellites tonight, for a selection of satellites,
    satellites crossing the Sun or the Moon (or near some other object), or
    identify a chance observation.
    Modify them if needed, and save with new names, until you are certain which
    changes are useful to keep.
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