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Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 11:03:29 EST

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    Sue Wheatley asked:
    >>is there a site that always tells you the
    >>country-of-origin of a satellite? 
    Get the latest Satellite Situation Report from Mike McCant's page at
    A few lines from the top, click on "SSR" in the line that reads "Link to a
    copy of the OIG SSR zip file."
    After you unzip the downloaded file you will have 6 files: SSR?.RPT (where
    ?=A thru F). The first one, SSRA.RPT, will contain some intro stuff followed
    by a section titled "Space Objects Box Score." This section gives the
    abbreviations used that tells what country owns the objects in orbit that
    you will find in the rest of file "A" and B-F.
    >>What site tells you if a satellite is
    >>still operational?
    I usually find what I need in that regard from Mark Wade's Encyclopedia
    Astronautica at . Others on SeeSat
    may be able offer other suggestions.
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