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From: George Amos (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 17:51:20 EST

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    There are so many sites its difficult to know where to start; for a full 
    breakdown on launch vehicles, satellites, missions, origin, 
    capabilities etc I use :
    ignore the non descriptive title, this site has masses of data on all 
    satellites and missions and is fully searchable. I have some other 
    links to sites covering detail of classified sats-if you want i will dig 
    them up. As an aside does anyone have any recommendations on 
    software for iridium flare predictions?
    On 24 Jan 02, at 8:04, Sue Wheatley wrote:
    > Wow! Thanks Tom, Rick, George, Jay, Bjorn, Bob...and that's only the first 6
    > responses I got to my question.  I am now working through all the
    > instructions to be sure I do this downloading right.  Since several of you
    > said "no question too dumb", is there a site that always tells you the
    > country-of-origin of a satellite? What site tells you if a satellite is
    > still operational?
    > ---sue
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