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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 18:47:56 EST

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    Part 1 of 3 - Relocation of FAQ
    I am changing ISPs, and the "official" copy of the SeeSat-L FAQ is
    moving with me.  It is now at:

    If you link to the FAQ, please update your URL to the new address.  I
    know that some of you also maintain mirror copies of the FAQ.  If so,
    please download fresh file copies from the new site.  In the current
    files, I have eliminated references to the "status" file and to the
    previous FAQ URL.
    Part 2 of 3 - Proposal for FAQ
    When we first started putting a FAQ together in 1997, we discussed the
    pros and cons of plain text files versus HTML files on the UseSat list.
    At that time, the decision was made to stick with plain text files,
    primarily because there were SeeSat members who did not yet have web
    access.  I believe this reason is no longer valid, and I propose to
    convert the FAQ to HTML files.
    Please direct any discussion of this proposal to UseSat, *not* back to
    SeeSat!  (If you have an opinion on this subject but are not subscribed
    to UseSat, send an email to with the word
    "subscribe" in the Subject line and an empty message body.)
    Part 3 of 3 - Call for FAQ Update Volunteers
    The FAQ is a product of this entire group, and your help is needed to
    get it updated.  Even if you consider yourself a "newbie" to satellite
    watching, you can contribute.  Some FAQ sections are highly technical
    and require an author/updater with a strong background, but other
    sections can be written/updated by *anyone* on this list, who is
    willing to spend some time researching and organizing information.
    Jeff Hunt already has "dibs" on Chapter 1.  Volunteers are needed to 
    update the remaining twelve chapters.  Take a look at the existing
    FAQ and pick out a section, a group of sections, or an entire chapter,
    that you'd like to work on, then send me email and let me know where
    to add your name in the FAQ Contributors list.
    --Sue Worden ( <-- NOTE NEW ADDRESS
      SeeSat-L FAQ Editor
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