Unids and obs Jan 26, 2002

From: Jim Nix (nixj@bellsouth.net)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 00:18:32 EST

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    Jan. 27, 2002
     Interesting night for Unids, first while waiting for another
    satellite I picked up a slow mover and thought that I'd spotted a "real"
    Unid moving through Taurus and was able to record three points.  It turned
    out to be TDRS 8 Centaur Rocket, my points, (adjusted at 20 secs early)
    matched a four day old elset, one point below 26389 just in case the boys
    at goddard need help :-)  It appeared near 7.5 magnitude indicating
    a standard mag near 4.5.
     The second Unid is likely three geese flying abreast.  They
    appeared as a blurred spot with a halo of diameter 10 arcminutes for
    each, moving abreast they took up one third or thirty arcminutes of my
    one degree FOV.  Not satellites, and if they were aircraft they were
    running without lights as I tracked them for about five to ten seconds.
    I've got a time and position if anyone is interested; they were moving
    N to S along a trajectory parallel to another satellite I was unable to
    acquire.  Anyone else catch geese in a telescope???  I've seen them naked
    eye and through binocs at night but never in a scope, an interesting sight.
     I took a look at Jason 1 DPAF a.k.a. Delta 2 debris, 27000, running
    about a sec early on latest.  Standard Mag near 7.0 .  Observed from 30d elev
    in north to shadow entry over a minute and a half.
    26389 00 034B   8835 G 20020127004843810 37 25 0428573+160128 68 S+070 10
    27000 01 055D   8835 G 20020127021236080 37 25 2221340+790147 28 S+065 10
    00 -34 B 2002-01-27 00:49:23 JN 82 .2 00 00.0 7.5->7.5, S
    01 -55 D 2002-01-27 02:14:10 JN 93 .2 00 00.0 7.0->7.0, S
    Clear and Dark Skies-----------------------------------------------------------------------
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     |  Lim Mag 10.6,   Clear & Cold, Full moon
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