TDF 2, plus an unexpected obs

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 05:33:55 EST

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    TDF 2 (20705) -- last night (early Jan. 27 UTC) its 
    brightest maxima might have been +5.0; it was easy to see 
    with my handheld 10x50s on a bright moonlit night.  There 
    was apparently a phase shift at about 6:06:07; I was 
    unable to see four expected flashes, then it reappeared 
    for another three minutes or so.  The obs began at about 
    6:02:04.  PPAS:
    90- 63 A 02-01-27 06:09:47.5 EC  463.3 0.2  21 22.06  +5.5->inv
    Friday evening (early Jan. 26 UTC), while on UT Austin 
    campus watching one-power for a solar panel flare from 
    Iridium 14 "?" (99-032A, 25777) -- which was pretty much 
    as predicted, near that position and a few seconds before 
    it I saw an UNID going southbound.  It was fairly slow 
    moving.  It was about +3.5 and continued to be visible 
    from near Auriga to Taurus and on to the south, which 
    took at least two minutes.  What I get as the best match 
    is 07559 (73-088E), which Satellite Situation Report says 
    is "OPS 6630 Deb", which has an RCS of 0.10!  Has anyone 
    else ever seen that one?
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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