Re: TDF 2, plus an unexpected obs

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 06:54:55 EST

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    I had a pass of it this morning, and I took alook with my 10*50 binoculars. 
    Waiting for the right time and area, I saw nothing. I have another pass 
    tonight and if its stays clear I try again to spot it. The sky wil be much 
    darker, so I should have better luck.
    Tommorow morning I have a pass of the following sat
    1 26532U 79104N   02001.70205919 +.00003528 +00000-0 +41087-1 0 00344
    2 26532  015.5447 156.5867 5941435 130.0887 299.9421 03.76404222033554
    I see if I spot it on my binoculars. That I can see if it bright and could 
    have been what greg roberts saw using his CoSaTrak tracking system.
    I don't pay attention to the RCS values.
    From: Ed Cannon <>
    Subject: TDF 2, plus an unexpected obs
    Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 04:33:55 -0600
    Friday evening (early Jan. 26 UTC), while on UT Austin
    campus watching one-power for a solar panel flare from
    Iridium 14 "?" (99-032A, 25777) -- which was pretty much
    as predicted, near that position and a few seconds before
    it I saw an UNID going southbound.  It was fairly slow
    moving.  It was about +3.5 and continued to be visible
    from near Auriga to Taurus and on to the south, which
    took at least two minutes.  What I get as the best match
    is 07559 (73-088E), which Satellite Situation Report says
    is "OPS 6630 Deb", which has an RCS of 0.10!  Has anyone
    else ever seen that one?
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