Satellite transit question

From: Edward S Light (
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 18:52:04 EST

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    Recent discussions on SeeSat involved transits of ISS across the
    moon and I'm curious as to how one can predict the ground path of
    such events.  The are programs (e.g. Rob Matson's SkyMap) which can
    predict satellite transits from a particular observing location, and
    there are others that calculate the latitude/longitude of the sub-
    satellite point as a function of time, but I'd like to know if there
    is a straight-forward (i.e. not trial-and-error) way to calculate the
    geographic coordinates versus time where, say, ISS wculd be seen
    transiting the lunar disk.
    Thanks for any information.
    Clear and dark skies!
       Ed Light
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