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From: John locker (
Date: Fri Jan 10 2003 - 05:07:11 EST

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    Hi everyone.....
    With the morning ISS passes now sinking  down the sky here in the UK , I
    thought that I would have a go at capturing the station in shadow.
    This monrings pass was max 28 degs , with expected magnitude of around +1
    I picked up the complex as it brightened , before fading very quickly into
    Keeping   both eyes on the target , one through the finder scope ,Marty
    feldman would have been great at this !) I marked the point at which ISS
    disappeared from view,naked eye, and tracked it for well over 15secs
    in shadow.
    As you can imagine , even with a theoretical magnification of over 300X , at
    a range in excess of 500 miles , the station is tiny....but the results were
    quite interesting.
    If anyones interested , I have placed a small strip image at the top of the
    ISS flare page.
    simply click on the ISS animation link from
    You may have to increase screen brightness a little to view.
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