icesat and chipsat

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Jan 12 2003 - 23:36:21 EST

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    The icesat and chipsat satellites were launched into orbit at 7:45 EST ( 
    0:45 UT Jan 13 ).
    Icesat was going into approx 600 km high 94 inclination orbit.
    On spaceflight now it says
    The Delta 2 rocket has achieved the proper orbit for the ICESat and CHIPSat 
    spacecraft. The high point is 319.388 nautical miles, perigee of 318.744 
    nautical miles and inclination of 94.0 degrees.
    As for the rocket final burn
    The engine firing should put the stage in an orbit of around 295 miles at 
    apogee, 107 at perigee and inclination of 97.3 degrees.
    There will be three satellites in a 94 inclination orbit- USA 55, Icesat and 
    Chipsat now. Not very crowded for that orbital inclination:)
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