RE: Mapping between NORAD and other IDs?

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Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 01:32:27 EST

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    You've to look it up in a cross-reference list.
    As the Norad# are issued in a row, the Cospar ID
    reflects the year of launch and launch in that year
    and the launch piece.
    On my homepage
    you find in the database section a complete list of all
    catalogued objects by Norad with their responding
    Cospar ID.
    Also Jonathan McDowell has such a list.
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    Van: Mark Hanning-Lee []
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    Onderwerp: Mapping between NORAD and other IDs?
    Basic question here: what is the easiest way to map
    between a NORAD ID like 27634 and the other ID format
    like 99-011A? (I'm not suggesting that these 2
    designations exist or correspond to each other ...)
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