STS-107 reentry over California -- charts and graphs

From: Rick Baldridge (
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 21:43:12 EST

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    According to SPACEFLIGHT NOW's Master Flight Plan at:
    for the STS-107 Mission currently in orbit, the Shuttle is scheduled to land
    at Kennedy Space Center at 5:53am PST on Saturday, February 1st.  Reentry
    will occur over the San Francisco Bay Area at 5:31am PST -- 22 minutes
    before main gear touchdown.  It will be a spectacular sight.  At the
    altitude the shuttle will be over California at the time of reentry,
    observers within 250 miles perpendicular to the ground track have a chance
    to see the Shuttle.  Of course, the Shuttle can also be seen eastwards to
    about the Mississippi valley region where twilight will become a factor.
    I've posted additional photos, charts and graphs about the reentry on my
    Yahoo Photo Account at:
    Click on the album "ASTRONOMY STUFF" and you will see several photos
    beginning with "STS".  Don't forget to click on FULL SIZE to download each
    photo in higher resolution.  Each file is about 250kb.
    More details will be posted as the Mission progresses.
    Rick Baldridge
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