STS-107 observation

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 15:00:07 EST

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    I will combine this with my introduction.   I became interested in the space
    programme before satellites were launched- I recall seeing the original
    Sputnik and kept a scrapbook of articles on the plans for the astronaut
    program when it was something way in the future- unfortunately the scrapbook
    has been lost with time.
    Excuse me mentioning non-visual observations for one moment as my  interest
    in visual observation was rekindled by amateur radio communication via
    satellites including a brief contact with Viktor on board MIR.   I no longer
    do amateur radio as the Internet seems to have taken over for me, and have
    followed several shuttles on NASA-TV.
    I observed STS-107 from my location Wainuiomata. New Zealand: 41.261 S
    174.947W in the evening sky for approximately 1 minute at 0859  UTC on Jan
    25 2003. Sky was quite cloudy but there was a clear patch which allowed the
    Though I am a novice at this I suspect that the magnitude was higher than
    predicted by Heavens Above-  that site appears to be having server problems
    at present but I think it said about  -1.2.   The object was quite bright
    and steady with no noticable flicker.
    It seems reliable that it was STS-107 from the ground-track on Heavens Above
    and no other objects were predicted at that time.  If anyone can show
    otherwise I would welcome the information!
    It was noticeable that the map on the  NASA spaceflight beta tracker showed
    it over my location after I had  LOS, - could this could be owing to lag
    over the Internet?   I will be looking at the coordinates more closely  to
    see if this might be the case as we have a similar though slightly lower
    pass today- though I am not optimistic at this stage owing to cloud.
     It was more useful to watch the tracker and camera on NASA-TV together with
    the Heavens-Above prediction and the "View from Satellite" site at
    Robert Holdsworth
    Wainuiomata, New Zealand.
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