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From: Michael Waterman (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 16:48:17 EST

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    Satellite period from transits.
    As has been pointed out, determining the orbit period of a
    satellite from timing when it crosses the meridian (= the
    line South to North) is not accurate. Over 1 orbit the error
    is between 5 and 10%, over a day the error is about 1%.
    If however you time when a satellite crosses the East to 
    West line the effect of the rotation of the earth is eliminated.
    The error over 1 orbit is about 1%, and 0.1% over a day.
    Obviously this can only be done if the inclination of the
    orbit is more (say at least 20 degrees) more than your latitude.
    Mike Waterman
    Site Yateley = COSPAR 2115 =  51.3286N  0.7950W  75m (reference OSGB36).
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