Re: FYI-Heaven's Above Down

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 12:57:08 EST

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    Has anyone any further news on this and/or Alan Peat's email address?
    The site appears to be still down and the DNS servers are not even
    recognising the address.
    Catch 22-  I can't email him about it because I don't have his address and
    it  would be on the site if it was up!
    There is now a fix for the slammer worm on the Symantec site-  the worm
    cannot detected by virus programs.
    Just a brief comment about the water dumps- sorry to combine the emails but
    gotta get to work soon. Yes NASA does need to do something about the website
    updating but from a program I heard on their TV I think they may be aware of
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    Subject: FYI-Heaven's Above Down
    > From the Home Page:
    > Heavens-Above attacked by Slammer worm!
    > Heavens-Above has been the victim of an attack by the Slammer worm which
    > the headlines yesterday. The servers have been taken offline until the
    > necessary security measures have been implemented.
    > Several people have also reported problems registering as a new user, and
    > believe we have also found a fix to this problem.
    > We expect to be back at around 10:00 UTC on Monday 27th January.
    > We apologise to all our users for the inconvenience.
    > Chris Peat, 26th January, 2003
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