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Date: Sun Jan 07 2007 - 15:52:27 EST

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    Another opinion to complement Ted's.
    >> 2) Is classified.tle the only valued "classified" data file?
    Ted said:
    >It is excellent, and I am not aware of any other similar file on the web
    that is as complete, accurate and regularly updated. 
    Amen to that! And a huge thanks to Chris Peat, at
    Ted again:
    >Contributions of similar quality likely would also be valued.
    This may refer to the accuracy of your reports. When I first started
    submitting reports, I was unaware of the need for 0.1 second accuracy in the
    timings, and positional fixes of similar accuracy:
    At first, I was upset, but I have slowly learned how to do this, and to make
    reports. It is time consuming, and I still don't report as often as I could
    because I would rather be observing. The reward is the very accurate
    predictive elements and other info posted on this list. This can lead to
    exciting sights that might not have been possible without the symbiotic
    relationship between the list users. I have been helped along with great
    patience these last three years by list users with decades of experience.
    And to think, when I first started, I worried about the Astronomical
    League's EOSOC Club requiring accuracy to the second on timings!
    >> 3) Will sighting of USA193 from my coordinates be of value to
    >> members? In other words is sighting of the above "common" 
    >> satellites of value to members?
    I would like to know myself if Ted, Mike, or any others have preferences on
    which objects are of interest, although I would think in the statistical
    analysis they do, more points are better than fewer. Also, "hot" objects are
    discussed more in the posts - i.e. new or lost or late objects tend to be
    discussed more.
    Don't forget PPAS (flashing / variable objects), which I have just started
    to appreciate. Timing is important there too, but of visual characteristics,
    not position.
    Brad Young
    TULSA 1
    COSPAR 8336
    36.1397N, 95.9838W, 205m ASL
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