Re: Decay alert for US tonight (Jan 7)

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Date: Mon Jan 08 2007 - 01:23:43 EST

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    >Nothing from San Antonio, Texas
    Very clear but a big negatory here too. In my imagination I saw a show just 
    like what was on TV recently. :~)  With my unaided eyes and through my night 
    vision scope, which is very sensitive to near infrared, I saw zip. I could 
    easily see stars to within 5 degrees of the horizon with it.
    I had my laptop set on the car seat showing where it supposedly was in real 
    time. I have never seen a satellite cross the screen as fast as that one 
    This was the first time this winter that I took the opportunity to feel a 
    lot of pain do to cold weather. My ears nearly snapped off. The wind was 
    blowing pretty fast.
    Thanks Dan for giving us a chance for a replay of the great decay that so 
    many saw the other day.
    Tom, now warm, satisfied with giving it a try and back to writing a paper.
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