LB obs 2007 Jan 14

Date: Sun Jan 14 2007 - 13:40:50 EST

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    Hello Seesatters,
    Just before X-mas I moved back onto my houseboat, which was destroyed on the inside by a fire in march 2006. It took some time to rebuild the inside, but it is now almost ready. Enough to move in again.
    When starting up my PC again, I ran into some trouble. It wouldn't boot correctly. It is now at the repairshop. Hope to get it back next week. I now use my laptop from work, but had to download predition sofware. I used Quicksat for tonoght.
    Just a few sats.
    2000-14 B 20070114 16:55     LB                          var 4->7
    2006-46 C 20070114 17:22:19 LB 57.2 0.2 25 2.29 FF, 4->6
    Hope to be back in full sat observing soon.
    In december the weather didn't cooperate; but I used some spare time I had to update my Satellite tables. When my PC is back I'll put the new and updated files on my homepage.
    Leo Barhorst

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