Obs ML (4353), 15 Jan 2007: Lacrosse 5

From: Marco Langbroek (marco.langbroek@wanadoo.nl)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 14:34:00 EST

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    Obs SatTrackCam Leiden (Cospar 4353), 15 Jan 2007:
    28646 05 016A   4353 P 20070115175546100 17 75 2048372+760700 56 S+025 10
    28646 05 016A   4353 P 20070115175556800 17 75 2059108+811920 56 S+025 10
    Method: Canon Digital Ixus 400 + ASTRORECORD astrometric software.
    Camera at manual mode, "10 second" (= 10.7 second) exposure, wide field
    f2.8/7.41 mm.
    What these numbers mean:
    A poor evening after a nice day. Late in the afternoon and in the early evening 
    cirrus moved in, after it was nice and clear earlier, allowing a rare view of a 
    daylight comet.
    Due to the cirrus, Lacrosse 5 (05-016A) was the only of 3 sats I tried this 
    evening that was captured. The first point might be a bit iffy, the second is 
    good I think. delta T is similar to yesterday (+0.2s).
    Shortly after this exposure, Lacrosse 5 "disappeared" again. This happened 
    between 17:56:00 and 17:56:30 UTC (I did not see it disappear as I was handling 
    the camera, but when I looked up again after triggering the 2nd image it was 
    gone visually, and it is not visible on the 2nd image either).
    At 14:35 local time (CET) during the clear part of the day, I managed (with 
    difficulty, but certainty) to observe comet C/2006 P1 McNaught with the unaided 
    naked eye in daylight!
    - Marco
    Dr Marco Langbroek  -  SatTrackCam Leiden, Cospar 4353
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