Re: Hotbird 1 : goes west

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 22:18:30 EST

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    I been keeping an eye on it's move since they started moving it on Nov 5, to see where they parked
    Eutelsat says they will redeploy it, on there website, just not where to.
    My tracking mount has suffered a failure, of the control board, so it's out of use. I will have to
    send it in for repair. Not sure what happened. So no geo sat observing for me, except for the
    certain HS702 that flare up along, with milstar 1 and 6 plus Inmarsat F4-2, which I can observing
    using the video camera with lens. 
    I used my 4 ince to observe geo sat's, and not having control of the mount is a pain. Nice t be
    inside and control the scope. I have to star hop again to find stuff, cutting in to observing
    time. It's not bad to starhop, when I can be outside with the laptop. But it's a real pain, when I
    have to keep going inside to check to see what direction to go, to find the right area. It cold
    outside, and thus not good to have my laptop outside.
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