Re: Request for information FengYun 1C Debris

Date: Fri Jan 19 2007 - 14:14:17 EST

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    >  > Hello
    >>  Was there an element set for the "killer" object? Did the booster that
    >>  delivered the "killer object" go into orbit? Just wondering if there was
    >>  more than one "killer object" at the moment of impact.
    >Reports say it was a ballistic launch to direct impact (i.e. non-orbital,
    so no element sets would/could have been generated).
    I suggest that any leftovers (boosters, etc.) would not go in orbit. 
    The spaceref article 
    ( said that the 
    target was 4 degrees west (about 390km overland at that latitude) and 
    its altitude about 865km. The angle of attack would be something 
    around 66deg - pretty steep for objects to enter orbit. I strongly 
    doubt it went straight up, turned sideways near 800km and reached 
    orbital speed.
    An interesting problem though:
    According to , range 
    safety concerns constrain the launch azimuth to between 94 and 104 
    degrees or approximately EAST. How did they shoot something to the 
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