Re: satellite magnitude

Date: Sat Jan 20 2007 - 01:51:25 EST

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    You should not to straight believe to information about satellite mag,
    only stars magnitudes are 100% trustable.
    Sat mag may be given in various condition, orientation angle to observer,
    phase angle etc. I have information of 5.4 mag for this sat.
    > Hello everyone
    >                           I'm new to satellite observation.  Tonight I
    > tried to observe Cosmos 1222( USSPACECOM Catalog No.:12071) It is listed
    > on Heavens Above as a mag. 3.3 .  I can observe mag. 3-4 stars with the
    > naked eye such as delta Andromeda.  why is it so difficult to see a mag.
    > 3 satellite?
    > Thanks
    Best regards,
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