Re: Feng Yun 1C debris - any observations?

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2007 - 11:28:55 EST

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    Note that observations may be possible in the early morning in this region.
    Was up a little too late this morning with a nice clear sky (one of the few 
    we have had lately!) with cloud just starting to build.  As the nights are 
    starting to lengthen down here there may be some good opportunities if the 
    weather situation improves- and it generally does from this time on.
    Re the comments about hazards to other objects, a random look at the 
    predictions for one of the pieces when these objects were first catalogued 
    showed an altitude of 347 km -  some risk to the ISS?   (though of course it 
    can change course to avoid such things- it might be kept busy :-)
    New Zealand
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    Subject: Feng Yun 1C debris - any observations?
    >I have run Skymap with the latest elsets from Space Track and I see that 
    >tomorrow morning most if not all of the catalogued pieces of debris from 
    >99-025 will pass over my location.  I plan to attempt to observe some of 
    >it, especially at high altitude.
    > Has anyone on this list been able to observe some of the debris yet?  I 
    > see that Russell managed a couple of obs yesterday morning (2007 Jan 19 
    > UTC).
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