Another nice Lacrosse flare captured

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2007 - 16:33:55 EST

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    Hi all,
    This evening I observed and photographed another nice flare of Lacrosse 4 
    (00-047A, #26473), just like yesterday. It briefly flared to mag. 0 at 19:29:41 
    (+/-2s) UTC on the Pegasus/Andromeda border, just before going into eclips.
    The decline from maximum flare brightness was very rapid compared to the rise to 
    it, likely because it was close to eclipse entry (predicted for 19:29:53 UTC). A 
    photograph can be seen here:
    End of the exposure in this case more or less coincides with peak flare brightness.
    I was less lucky with Lacrosse 5, but did obtain one good picture.
    Positions will follow later, I was kept from measuring the images so far by 
    other activities.
    - Marco
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