FENGYUN 1C satellite and debris in 3D

From: Tom Wagner (sciteach@mchsi.com)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 21:13:28 EST

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    I found a way to place a maximum of 17 satellites into a free planetarium 
    program called Celestia . I uploaded 17 recent TLEs for the FENGYOU 1C 
    satellite and debris. Screen captures can be seen at the following URLs.
    The first two are set up for cross-eyed stereo viewing. All show the debris 
    and the original satellite as 200 km diameter spheres. Can't miss them that 
    way! The original satellite, I believe that's what the TLE that didn't say 
    debris was for, is labeled. It's interesting to see how the inclination of 
    one of the 16 pieces has changed from the original orbit. There may be 
    others like it too.
    If anyone wants help in learning how to see two images at once, one with 
    each eye, feel free to ask. I've trained many people how to do it.
    These last two shots show two different perspectives.
    I wonder if it got hit when it was at its perigee?
    Tom  Iowa  USA 
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