RE: FENGYUN 1C satellite and debris in 3D

From: Bob Christy (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 19:34:28 EST

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    The Aviation Week report pinpoints the ASAT launch site over 1000 km to one
    side of the satellite ground track, which suggests a sideways component to
    the impact. 
    This is consistent with the term "near head-on" because the ASAT would not
    need to be travelling anywhere near as fast as the target. It would just
    have to be in the right place and could be moving quite slowly across the
    target's path. FY-1C's closing speed would do the damage and the closing
    direction would appear "near head-on".
    Evidence for a sideways component of the impact will come if the average
    inclination of the fragments' orbits is different from the inclination of
    FY-1C's orbit prior to the impact.
    Bob Christy
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    > .....................It did not come from behind, but instead smacked it
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    > the opposite direction as the target..........
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